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Grizzly Cub 3rd year close portait BC Be

Joseph Amodeo


Born in Newburgh, NY, 1990

Self taught photography, 2015-present

Nature Photographer

I am an aspiring nature photographer who has had a real passion for nature and wildlife since I was a kid. Originally from Newburgh, NY, found in the beautiful Hudson River Valley, I have always been most happy in the outdoors, whether it was enjoying the birds flying overhead from tree to tree, having adventures with friends, camping, hiking, or playing soccer on the weekends.

When I was young, I would constantly watch PBS' Nature, Kratts Creatures, The Magic School Bus, Bill Nye The Science Guy, and many others, always trying to learn something new about science and nature.  My elementary science teacher, Mr. Garzione, also played a huge role in my love for science and nature.  As I grew older, I participated in a middle school science program sponsored by the National Science Foundation called the After-School Centers for Exploration and New Discovery program (ASCEND), which really sealed my passion for science and nature.  Once I moved to North Carolina in November 2013, my passion for nature flew at full force, volunteering at the Carolina Raptor Center, and now have extended this passion through pursuing a degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences, concentrating in Environmental science.

It wasn't until 2015 that photographing wildlife and nature became less of a dream and more of a reality.  Since then, I have gone on many adventures across North Carolina, my hometown state of New York, and now have finally started to expand my adventures beyond.   This site shows all of my adventures so far and will be a place to see many more to come!  

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