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"Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way of understanding art more and more."

-Van Gogh

Photos from This Year

"The natural world is the greatest source of excitement. The greatest source of visual beauty. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living."

- Sir David Attenborough

Total Lunar Eclipse during peak, Oak Island
Great Blue Heron dropping fish, McAlpine Creek
Mallard Ducklings at Frank Liske Park 3
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse with Milky Way
Black Balsam Knob Sunrise 3 09-20-2020
Bull elk funny face with cow
Sanderling close profile in the water, H
Soco Falls Autumn full view-Qualla Bound
Blue Ridge Parkway sunrise
Robber Fly close profile revised
Single Exposure Milky Way Thunder Hill O
Upper Whitewater Falls
Creek leading to Soco Falls-Qualla Bound
Cataloochie Creek in fall
Cataloochie Valley Overlook Pano
Wood Duckling looking at water
Elk herd with female looking at camera,
Blue Dasher Damselflies mating, Rob Wall
Linville Falls and Linville River with e
Blue Dasher with lunch
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